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Egypt’s Virus C: Organised virus, disorganised state

Even with a revolution and multiple massacres the reported Egyptian death toll is, approximately, 5,000 dead. However, a far bigger killer, Hepatitis, aka Virus C, and related liver diseases decimate nearly 45,000 annually. But without creative solutions, prevention, and organisation the Egyptian government is falling behind in the one of its biggest battles: not the …

Amr Khalifa

Effect of Greece’s economic crisis on people’s health

For the last several years, Greece has been going through a protracted and damaging economic crisis that has had profound consequences on the health of the Greek people. The economic crisis has predominantly impacted the health of vulnerable populations, with a rise in suicides and deaths due to mental and behavioural disorders. Although other European …

Cesar Chelala

Hepatitis – the facts from A to E

Hepatitis attacks the liver and in the worst case can result in cirrhosis or liver carcinoma. But not all forms of Hepatitis are alike. Hepatitis A Hepatitis A can result in an inflammation of the liver, but usually does not develop into a chronic illness. In some cases, patients will recover even without treatment. The virus is often contracted through…

Deutsche Welle

The increasing burden of diabetes in China

China’s economic growth in the last three decades has dramatically transformed the nation’s economic landscape, removing 500 million people from poverty. This progress, however, has been accompanied by an increase in some diseases – such as diabetes – notably associated with increased urbanisation and changed lifestyles. Twenty-five years ago, the number of people with diabetes …

Cesar Chelala

Health risks of electronic devices

By Dr Cesar Chelala As computers and other electronic devices are becoming more widely used – particularly by young people – little consideration is normally given to the health risks they pose. This is a situation that has to change soon, to avoid unnecessary injuries and even serious health risks among people using them. Desktops …

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