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Palestinian Authority blames Gaza for deficit mess

By Jihan Abdalla / Reuters RAMALLAH: Paying for the upkeep of the Gaza Strip while its political rival actively blocks revenues flowing back is taking its toll on the deficit-racked Palestinian Authority. The Western-backed PA, many of whose top leaders belong to the mainstream Fatah movement, says it has poured around $7 billion into the …


AN ISRAELI VIEW: Growing signs of frustration

By Yossi Alpher In recent weeks and months, we have confronted a growing number of worrisome possible precursors of a new intifada or some similar round of violence on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. While the previous two intifadas were seemingly triggered by unintended actions or events (a traffic accident in 1987, a Temple …


Palestinian unity likely to be real this time

By Daoud Kuttab AMMAN: Palestinian reconciliation took a major step forward recently following an agreement that included President Mahmoud Abbas taking on the additional position of prime minister. The Doha Agreement between leader of the Hamas political bureau, Khaled Meshaal, and Abbas that was signed earlier this month has led many to ask: has Hamas capitulated …


Abbas, Meshaal delay Palestinian unity talks: Fatah

By Nasser Abu Bakr / AFP CAIRO: Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas and his rival Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal on Thursday postponed talks on forming a unified government, a Fatah official said, in a further delay to ending an almost five-year rift. The official with the Abbas-led party said the talks were postponed “because Hamas continues to …


Hamas comes in from the cold

By Michael Bröning GAZA CITY: In the wake of revolutionary change in the Middle East, the forces of political Islam have scored one electoral victory after another. As the West grapples with the rapid rise of moderate Islamists in Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt, the issue of Hamas’s role in the Palestinian territories looms large. The signing …


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