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First university automotive exhibition in Middle East kicks off at BUE

The events of the British University in Egypt’s (BUE) automotive exhibition kicked off on Monday, while being the first university automotive exhibition in the Middle East. The exhibition was inaugurated by Ahmed Hamad, the president of the BUE in Cairo, and Mohamed Aboulfotouh, the chairperson of Egypt Automotive, one of the exhibition’s organisers. Several companies …

Daily News Egypt

ECS in Brazil organises 6-month exhibition for Egyptian products

The Egyptian Commercial Service office in Brazil is currently organising a six-month-long exhibition for Egyptian products at the Space Samples showroom in Campinas city, during the period from 21 January to 21 July 2019. The exhibition includes displaying products from 50 Egyptian companies, and holding meetings for businesspersons, importers, and distributors with the aim of …

Daily News Egypt

Cairo to host BiznEX Egypt 2018 exhibition in November

The BiznEX Egypt 2018 exhibition will attract 15,000 investors with strong participation from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Morocco, France, Germany, Kenya, and South Africa. Franchisingate announced its first annual investment and commercial exhibition, BiznEX Egypt 2018, on Sunday, in line with the future development plan that the Egyptian government seeks to achieve in partnership with the …

Daily News Egypt

New Beginnings marks the first exhibition for Fawkia Hammouda

The Opera House in Cairo has seen the promising start of many renowned artists. For many generations, to step into the historic venue meant a chance to experience the country’s cultural and artistic wealth. Last week, the Opera House witnessed the official start of yet a new artist. With bright colours and abstract silhouettes, Fawkia …

Daily News Egypt

Al-Ahram hosts “Heya Asl Al Hayah” exhibition to support female artists

In cooperation with “Nos Al-Donia” magazine, Al-Ahram Arts Centre hosts “Heya Asl Al Hayah” exhibition between 4 and 13 April to shed light on the outstanding artistic works of 16 female Egyptian artists. The exhibition is open to the public at reasonable prices and contains different kinds of art, including paintings, earthenware, mosaics, and photography. …

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