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Egypt eighth amongst 10 highest smartphone sales in developing markets

By Mohamed Alaa El-Din A recent report issued by GFK Institution ranked Egypt as having one of the highest  smartphone sales in developing markets in 2015. According to the report, Egypt occupied eighth place in the list of countries that included India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Brazil, China and Indonesia. The report said Egypt’s sales of smartphones …

Daily News Egypt

Why the Chinese love Germany’s National Youth Orchestra

Just as the number of classical music lovers is expanding in China, Germany's National Youth Orchestra has broken records of attendance during its tour there. Some cultural quirks can be surprising for Europeans. It's a mixed crowd: Young women in summer dresses, students wearing T-shirts, and parents with their children flock to Jinan's large concert hall. Li Zhang is among…

Deutsche Welle

Lack of trust between Turkey and China

Turkish President Erdogan is traveling to Beijing to mend ties between the two countries. The Turkish leader is expected to discuss a number of contentious issues with the Chinese leadership, including the Uighur crisis. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a lot to discuss with his Chinese hosts in Beijing during his two-day official visit which ends on July 30….

Deutsche Welle

Sieren’s China: Asia leads United States in Africa race

Barack Obama cannot do much more in Africa. DW's Frank Sieren thinks that Asia, especially China, is so far ahead that the United States won't be able to catch up. Last weekend, US President Barack Obama traveled to East Africa with a big business delegation. In the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, he co-hosted this year's Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which took place…

Deutsche Welle

Beijing springs to action as China shares gyrate

Asian markets were mostly down on Tuesday as Shanghai saw another day of wild volatility a day after the heaviest one-day losses in more than eight years. China's government pledged to lend further support. China's benchmark Shanghai stock index closed down 1.7 percent on Tuesday, slashing losses from earlier in the day but still defying government efforts to improve sentiment…

Deutsche Welle

The increasing burden of diabetes in China

China’s economic growth in the last three decades has dramatically transformed the nation’s economic landscape, removing 500 million people from poverty. This progress, however, has been accompanied by an increase in some diseases – such as diabetes – notably associated with increased urbanisation and changed lifestyles. Twenty-five years ago, the number of people with diabetes …

Cesar Chelala

The impact of China’s new crackdown on civil rights

In what seems to be a crackdown on public dissent, hundreds of Chinese rights lawyers have been detained or interrogated. While temporarily muzzled, the advocates' determination shouldn't be underestimated, say experts. They challenge their country's authorities over human rights violations, frequently reporting about harassment, detentions or abuse of power, and often refusing to back down when told to do so….

Deutsche Welle

Joining forces to meet the challenge of climate change

By James Moran, EU Ambassador in Egypt Climate action day was on 17 June. Voltaire said “Men argue. Nature acts.” When it comes to climate change, now more than ever we need to take a leaf out of nature’s book and act together. The international community is working for a new global climate deal in …

Daily News Egypt

Fighting non-communicable diseases could save 5 million lives

By Dr Bjørn Lomborg In rich countries, the biggest causes of death are strokes, heart attacks and cancer, accounting for more than two-thirds of all deaths. But for the poorer world, people often assume that infectious diseases like diarrhoea, tuberculosis, AIDS, malaria, measles and tetanus are the biggest killers. That is no longer true. While …

Daily News Egypt