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EFSA preparing  1st real estate financing federation elections

The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) is participating in the “Mortgage Development Partners” conference, taking place on 12 May, as part of the “Partnership for Development” initiative. The conference targets community dialogue involving all professional sectors interested in mortgage activities and benefiting from it. It will discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the mortgage system …

Daily News Egypt

Local banks deny restrictions on providing $100 notes

The Central Bank of Egypt gave no instructions to lenders operating in the country not to replace $100 notes with smaller units when conducting transactions for clients, several bankers told the Daily News Egypt. This comes on the wake of reports carried by media outlets claiming that the CBE has ordered banks to replace $100 …

Dahlia Kholaif

Industrial sector in ‘state of crisis’, solutions for energy problem, regaining confidence of international markets is necessary: Alaa Arafa

  Alaa Arafa, chairman of Egypt’s largest textile and clothing manufacturer and retail stores Arafa Holding, said Egypt’s industrial sector is still suffering and is in a state of crisis. He added that it needs to overcome the obstacles, asserting that the CBE’s gradual reduction of the Egyptian Pound will contribute to encouraging industry more …

Mohamed Ayyad

Piraeus Bank Egypt to focus on energy projects financing

Piraeus Bank in Egypt is targeting the financing of major projects during the Economic Summit this month. Naira Amin, Chief Executive and Managing Director of Piraeus Bank Egypt, said the bank is giving special attention to joint finance projects proposed by the Egyptian government in the summit. Amin added that financing will be led by …

Daily News Egypt