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Sisi promises to reclaim 4m acres of lands

Al-Sisi’s plan targets offering between 50,000 and 100,000 acres of lands to various Egyptian governorates to help with housing, agriculture and industrial projects, he said. The distribution of these lands would be overseen by the state, he added.

Daily News Egypt

Sierra Leone: Nursing agriculture back to health

By Kingsley Ighobor and Ernest Harsch Sierra Leoneans love to eat rice. For them, rice is the food to live on. “It doesn’t matter what other food they eat, they must eat rice at least once a day before they can say they have eaten at all,” explains Umaru Fofana, editor of Politico, a Sierra …

Daily News Egypt

Africa’s economy grows, but many stomachs are empty

By Kingsley Ighobor Each year, governments, journalists, development experts and others look forward to the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Report. The report includes a ranking of countries based on life expectancy, literacy, quality of life and so on. Once it is released, governments and citizens of countries with high rankings immediately trumpet their …

Daily News Egypt

Denting youth unemployment through agriculture in Africa

By Busani Bafana Agriculture is not glamourous. It suffers from entrenched negative perceptions. In the minds of many African youths, a farmer is someone like their parents, doing backbreaking labour in the fields and getting little to show for it. Nonetheless, agriculture is the engine driving many African economies. If it were to get the …

Daily News Egypt

Despite climate change, Africa can feed Africa

By Richard Munang and Jesica Andrews Climate change comes with never-before-experienced impacts. For example, crop yields and growing seasons will decrease even as changing rain patterns will worsen people’s access to water. Yet Africa’s population is projected to reach 2 billion in less than 37 years, and in 86 years three out of every four …

Daily News Egypt

The difference between Reform and reform

“To better serve farmers.” The goals are a more productive agricultural sector and improved food security for Egypt’s population. Key is improving the services of the Principal Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit (PBDAC), said Minister of Agriculture Ayman Abu Hadid, speaking on the sidelines of the 10th Ministerial Meeting of the International Centre for …

Iris Boutros

The Sahel: One region, many crises

By André-Michel Essoungou Africa’s Sahel region faces many complex and interconnected challenges. Here are some of the major ones, and how the United Nations is assisting the region in finding solutions.   The food crisis When the Sahel is in the news, it is often because millions of people are at risk of going hungry. …

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