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Op-ed review: All over dress

The media has been all over a ‘revealing’ dress worn by Egyptian actress Rania Youssef at the Cairo Film Festival last week, a move she almost went on trial for, after heavy public criticism, including from the Actors Syndicate. For Egypt’s op-ed writers, the issue continues to be an interesting topic. Writers in the state-owned …

Amira El-Fekki

100 happy Operation Smile, just what doctor ordered

Hope floats. And from the 6 to the 12 of the December hope will float for the very first time for 100 lucky children in Luxorsuffering from cleft lip or palate. Established in 1982 on an international scale, and operating in Egypt since 2005,Operation Smile is a non-profit surgical mission which will visit Luxor for …

Yasmine Al Tawdy

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