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Interior Ministry announces ‘elimination’ of 4 terrorists in Alexandria flat - Daily News Egypt

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Interior Ministry announces ‘elimination’ of 4 terrorists in Alexandria flat

Security says suspects were armed, had been involved in police killing

Security forces killed four people Wednesday night in an apartment near Alexandria, the Ministry of Interior said.

The four killed suspects are named Mohamed El-Amoury, Amar Mohamed, Hamada Mohamed and Mohamed Hamdy, as announced by officials.

Prosecution authorities inspected the crime scene. It said it found an automatic rifle, a gun, and various types of bullets, in addition to “some documents planning an operation”.

The killing took place as security bodies were on their way to arrest the ‘dangerous members’ after revealing their location, but as soon as they became aware of the forces’ presence, they began shooting. The gunfire exchange resulted in the killing of the four, according to the prosecution’s claims.

Photos of three people killed by security forces, posted on Twitter by 'Rabaa News'
Photos of three people killed by security forces, posted on Twitter by ‘Rabaa News’

The Interior Ministry accused them of plotting and conducting several attacks on the police in the nearby governorate of Beheira, including the killing of a police conscript named Rabea Asfour.

Asfour was targeted and shot dead in December 2014. However, the ministry announced the arrest of three people suspected of killing him one month later, according to a security report released on 18 January 2015.

The ministry said the three suspects were Badea Ahmed Bakr, a 29 year-old merchant, wanted in two other cases of violence, Ahmed Abdul Reheem, a 22-year-old student, and Ahmed Abdul Hakim, a 19-year-old student, EgyNews website reported.

Furthermore, the ministry said two other suspects were wanted in the case: Munzer Mohamed, a 22-year-old student, and Mahmoud Maher, an 18-year-old student. The ministry filmed the suspects in custody, confessing to belonging to the banned Muslim Brotherhood, and “targeting the policeman for his hard work in exposing the organisation’s members”.

Meanwhile, some, including former Brotherhood member Haitham Abu Khalil, denounced Wednesday’s extra-judicial killing of the four people. A pro-Brotherhood Twitter account named “Rabaa News” reported further information on the killed.

Mohamed El-Amoury was 29 years old, Amar Mohamed was a 23-year-old Islamic Studies student from Kafr El-Sheikh, Mohamed Youssef was 29 years old, and Hamada Mohamed was 23, according to “Rabaa News”.

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