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Common mistaken beliefs about exercising

Moreover, fats are burnt during and after exercise

fats are burnt during and after exercise  (AFP Photo)
fats are burnt during and after exercise
(AFP Photo)

There are common misconceptions on exercise believed by people, which unfortunately have a negative effect on their health. Those inaccurate convictions are spread among family and friends, resulting in ignorance about exercise and health. Below are some of the common false beliefs:

“Muscles turn into fats and fats turn into muscles”

This notion is mistakenly believed by many. It is irrational that, for example, accumulated fats in lamb’s body turns into meat, or that its meat turns into fat. Fats are burnt and muscle mass increases with working out and following a proper diet. However, if exercise is stopped and an improper dietary habit is followed, muscle mass is reduced and fats are accumulated in the body.

“During a diet, do not work out”

Another commonly believed concept that is false. Exercise and diet are two sides of the same coin. When losing weight, we increase the calorie output and decrease the calorie input. This can be done through combining workouts with weight loss programmes. It is important to know that the more muscles we gain the more calories we burn. For instance, when two people perform the same physical activity, the person with more muscle mass burns more calories.

Moreover, fats are burnt during and after exercise. When recovering from weight lifting, for example, where slight lacerations occur in muscles, energy is used in the healing process. This is why it is always recommended to keep a healthy diet along with exercises, especially aerobics.

It is better to walk 45 minutes than to run 20 minutes in order to burn fats, because the body keeps on burning fats 30 minutes after continuous physical activity with moderate intensity. Therefore, you are walking or running slowly for 45-60 minutes. Working out also helps to tighten skin during weight loss, preventing flabbiness and keeping a healthy body shape.

“Do not work out while you are pregnant”

This is another common misinformation.  Working out during pregnancy, with stretching and breathing exercises, facilitates the delivery process. During pregnancy, women generally suffer from leg cramps, as well as a herniated disk due to weakness of abdomen and back muscles.

By strengthening muscles, women can overcome such problems. Exercising also allows the restoration of body fitness after delivery. However, it is advised to consult a gynaecologist before doing exercises, because in some cases doctors advise patients not to make any effort. Exercising should also be performed under the supervision of a specialist, with moderate weight lifting, as heavy weights should be avoided, as well as exercises that include jumping.


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