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More than halfway through the 100 days, Morsy has a long way to go - Daily News Egypt

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More than halfway through the 100 days, Morsy has a long way to go

47 days before the end of his 100-day plan, Morsy still has a long way to go

The Morsi Meter Logo
The Morsi Meter Logo

According to a watchdog campaign set up to track the extent to which Morsy will see through his promises, called the Morsi Meter, the president has only achieved one goal of the 64 he said he would achieve within 100 days of being sworn in as president. According to the meter, ten of Morsy’s remaining 63 goals are in progress.

Of the Morsy’s goals, only creating awareness about keeping the country clean and the “sin” of throwing garbage on the road during Friday prayer speeches and through the media, has been successful, according to the Morsi Meter. However Morsy’s government is trying to make some changes in an attempt to create reforms and start beating the challenges the country is facing.

In a village in the Governorate of Al Minufiyah, the Minister of Health, Dr. Mohamed Mostafa went to visit patients Wednesday who were reportedly poisoned after they drank water which is believed to be polluted, said Al Ahram. After the news of the cases of poisoning came out on Tuesday, the minister ordered closing all unauthorized water sources, said MENA.

During his visit, Mostafa was detained by angry families for less than an hour, but was released when the police intervened, said Al Ahram. An investigation is underway to identify the reason behind the problem.

In Safaga, for example, the head of Safaga Hospital was sacked on Tuesday for lack of services and negligence after several complaints were made against him complaining of poor services, according to the Middle East News Agency (MENA).

In an attempt to ease traffic congestion which Cairo suffers heavily from, the Minister of Interior Major General Ahmed Gamal Al Din gave orders on Tuesday to increase daily traffic campaigns by the police adding that there will be coordination in order to ease traffic congestion, said state-run Al Ahram. He also plans to deal firmly with drivers who drive in the opposite direction and those who stop their cars to wait in wrong places, said state-run Akhbar El Youm.

According to Akhbar El Youm, the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Baha’a El Din paid a surprise visit to the Governorate of Kafr El Sheikh in order to inspect irrigation and sewage facilities. The Minister met with farmers and heard their complaints regarding irrigation water.

Similarly, El Shorouk reported that the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Hany Mahmoud, paid a surprise visit to the post office of 6 October to examine the working pace and to speak with citizens about their opinions of the services provided by the office, said the independent newspaper.

The Shura Council agreed on Tuesday to adopt an initiative to retrieve money which has been smuggled outside the country and re-price lands which had been sold to businessmen by the government at very cheap prices, said MENA.

When Morsy was elected the president, he immediately inherited hurdles and obstacles from Egypt’s former regime that include complex issues like a crumbling infrastructure which people are losing patience with, a staggering domestic debt which according to Al Ahram newspaper has reached EGP 924.9 trillion and international debts, as well as a persistently high unemployment rate, which according to a report last week by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) has reached 12.6 percent in the second quarter of 2012. Every working Egyptian supports two unemployed Egyptians, the report stated.

In addition, the country has heavily challenged public, medical and educational systems. Dr. Abdel Fattah Rizk, the Secretary General of the Physicians’ Syndicate said in June that the “whole [medical] system needs to be restructured” adding that the system needs more resources and that changes need to be made in order to ensure that all hospitals in the country provide the same quality of care to all patients.

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